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All members of the Hampton Roads Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators must meet the eligibility requirements for membership in the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA), and must be members in good standing of ALA.

ALA has two classes or categories of membership.

Regular Membership:

  • Full-time legal administrators or support managers employed in a private law firm, legal service clinic, corporate legal department, university legal department, governmental legal agency, court system, charitable legal agency or some other organization engaged primarily in the practice of law.
  • Practicing lawyers with principal management responsibility in their legal organization.

Associate Membership: Individuals who are interested in legal administration and management but do not qualify for Regular Membership may apply for Associate Membership if they are:

  • practicing lawyers with an interest in law firm administration and management;

  • individuals engaged in an ongoing employment-type relationship which involves providing continuing management services of the types defined in the bylaws;

  • retired Regular Members of ALA who are not otherwise employed;

  • unemployed legal administrators who have exhausted their eligibility for Regular Membership who are not serving as consultants or vendors and are actively seeking employment as a legal administrator;

  • full-time teachers of business, organizational management, law or law-related disciplines at institutions of higher learning, as well as deans with administrative and management responsibilities at such institutions;

  • full-time students in business, management, law or law-related studies at institutions of higher learning;

  • bar association executives with management responsibilities; and

  • other individuals not specifically excluded from membership who have and demonstrate an interest in the management of law firms and other legal organizations.

Policies governing the participation and the benefits accruing to Associate Members shall be determined from time to time by the Board or, as delegated by the Board, the Executive Director.

ALA encourages minority membership in the Association and in the profession. Please note that membership is not open to vendors or consultants. For further information on eligibility criteria, please call ALA at (847) 267-1252 today!

If you're interested in membership and want more information, you may request a prospective member kit by contacting ALA's Membership Department at (847) 267-1252.  

If you are ready to become a member you can use the links below to complete the membership applications.  Or for faster responses, you can complete membership applications online at

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